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There’s no shortage of dreadful undead to grace our screens these days so I wasn’t surprised when one of them snuck in to a shoot dreamed up by Sarah-Jane Lyon and Aislinn De’Ath which we put together recently. What was surprising though is how the story plays out, not the usual Boy eats Girl story […]

UPDATE: The video and interview with Poppy are now live on i-d online, check it out. I met Poppy on a night out in the Camden incarnation of Proud, she was looking for someone to cut some footage for her which had been shot for I-D magazine’s online edition and I was looking for something creative […]

Last month I collaborated on a project styled by my friend Sarah-Jane Lyon. It was a stills shoot recreating well known Fables and Fairy Tales and placing them in 20th Century contexts. Sarah-Jane is a Graduate of Prosthetics and Special Effects Make-Up at the London College of Fashion. The actors involved were James Card, Christian […]

I once again had the pleasure of shooting for Domaine et Demeure at their flagship development Chateau les Carrasses in one of my favourite places, the Languedoc in the south of France. The shoot involved a truly grueling five day stay in a luxury Chateau apartment capturing the highlights of the property and surroundings. During […]

Well, I’ve been super busy this year but it’s time to update the ould blog… back in January I had a wonderful experience doing stills for an event called TransCamp hosted by On Road Media(fb) in Channel 4. On the day my eyes were opened to a lot of new ideas and I gained a […]

Last week my good friend Viviana Baptista (Bi to her friends : ) gave me a call to see if I’d be interested in taking a few shots in Central London of her modeling some lovely vintage clothing. I jumped at the chance as I hadn’t taken my camera out for a proper spin since […]

I’ve recently being screening my latest short ‘Light of Day’ as a work in progress to get feed back before I enter the final stages of post-production. First up was Speech Motion hosted by the talented Catherine Brogan and curated by my friend and fellow film maker João Seiça. It was my very first proper […]

I’ve had this abstract li’l piece slowly simmering away for the last few months for my mate, DJ and Producer Simão Ferreira…

Judith: A parting from the Body, a play by Howard Barker, directed by William Walsh

Adam’s Scar

A very British day in the Park, Will & Kate tie the knot.

zoetic productions – a new venture  

Birthday Light

Spittlefields Cut

The BrickLane BrickLouse

A quick look out the window

Lake Malawi – poem

Not a new piece but a nice piece, if only for John Tavener’s wonderful music

A flat mate moved out leaving a piece of material she had been dying stewing in a bucket outside. It sat there for a week or two till I liberated the bucket throwing the material onto an old armchair which we were about to bring down to be taken away. On lifting the black stained […]

Michael casts out Lucifer as depicted by Gustave Doré Audio; Work in Progress. After buying an original print of the illustration above I revisited a tune with a working title of ‘fallen angel’. The results so far.

MaY ( i ), Photography, D200, No Processing, 1×1 crop

Well I ended last year with a post about the CSM Performance Design and Practice guys so it’s fitting I begin this year where I left off! The Project was a reworking of Wagner’s Ring Cycle for children and involved the talents of the English Pocket Opera Company (EPOC) and the designers from CSM’s Performance […]

I was making sure all my photo back-ups were in order, thrilling stuff let me tell you, when I stumbled upon some shots from a shoot I did for my friend Harriet Rose Wilcox. She was working on a project at the time designing the stage and costume for a collaboration between Central Saint Martin’s […]